tonight we dine in Hell's Kitchen

She needs friends with whom to share expeditions, friends to whom she can pour out her enthusiams and troubles and show off her new hats...

Marjorie Hillis
I will shamefully admit (especially after working in the industry) that I had not been to Hell's Kitchen downtown Minneapolis until this evening. Shall I try to hone my skills as a restaraunt critic because my writing never quite paints like I see it in my head :) I loved the look, the leather booths in the far room (damn, the name escapes me at the moment!) the blood red walls, victorian chairs, bizarre artwork and still very relaxed atmosphere. I likely took at least a day off of my life or a branch out of my arterial network with the french dip and sweet potato fries but ask me if it was worth it (YES!) Plus I will say that I was keeping good company and a friend who is very dear to my heart was a good shoulder to laugh on and forget about 2009 and the year of...disatisfying men shall we say? (or man)

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