Luv-A-Fair Fashion Show Part II

The new Gigi L'amour Boudir Collection debuted at the Luv-A-Fashion show hosted by Fame Digest of Minneapolis. Custom corsets and other pinup inspired intimates will be rolled out at Dillinger Ink over the next few months (as will The Pinup Collection - a playful, sexy swimwear line) Perhaps this is why my writing has been lacking, as well as my reading. But the days are getting longer and warmer so my energy will hopefully bounce back from all the wintery Vitamin D loss I've endured!

Left turn back to the show. It was a lot of fun and a great inspirational challenge to come up with some new looks for the fashion show and do some different styles that we didn't currently offer. Enjoy a little pinup, a little burlesque, a little feathers and a whole lot of leg!

"Gigi L'Amour adds a touch of glamour to her designs influenced by the feminine looks of the 1940s. She fell into fashion, she says, through her love of photography and slight obsession with the film noir era. Expect to see corsets, 40s style garter belts, and waist pieces with vintage inspiration in the style of the always sexy pinup. Mme L'Amour, who says she could spend hours looking at the work of Gil Elvgren, is drawn to the details, "the back seam stockings, the suspender garters, the way the lines of the clothing and lingerie fall." Her collection is sure to be both sexy and romantic!"

Getting Ready

Andrea M : The fab stylist we work with

Hey! Hey!

Tighten Up

Adjust the flowers - don't show too much!

Madame L'amour

Feathers and Garters

Waist Cincher with a touch of burlesque

Polka Dots

Diva Delightful

Cotton Candy

Devlish D

Behave! or else...


Fairwell my sweets!

Phew! And Done.

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