Having A Luv-A-Fair at Bar Fly

I confess I am exhausted! And I can never have four burners going, I tend towards 7 or 8. Not to be cheesy - well okay to be cheesy, come see what I've been cooking up on February 12 at Luv-A-Fair presented by Fame Digest downtown Minneapolis at Bar Fly. I have been designing some new lingerie pieces for our coming collection and am so very thrilled to showcase them! I will definitely bring you along in an after thought photo montage.

Auntie G has been good on her word to check in on me and to put it plainly spy. Ha! Of course she wants to be sure I am holding up my end of the bargain and through the thick of the winter I AM! I had to put down my reading (and writing for that matter) to focus on this little project but I will be back on track after the day of hearts.

Speaking of!! I have to put my two cents in and tell you to get your sweet little booties over to Dillinger before we are completely sold out of our goodies for this Hallmark Holiday that if for no other reason is a great excuse to celebrate and look like a vixen. Take your turn breaking a few hearts. My personal favorite are the sequins :)


Miss Gigi L'Amour

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