Love is Old Love is New

Today I breathe.

Yowsa - after preparing for this show I am taking it easy and watching a little Kubrick via Dr. Strangelove one of the greatest satires on film. If you haven't seen it I command you to go rent it now!

Amidst the resting and relaxing I received a call from my dear old Mr. D as we will so unlovingly call him. It never ceases to amaze me that when holidays spring up so do the feeling of lonliness, so much so that we are willing to run back to a tragic relationship, if only to feel good for that particular day. I do not judge! Trust me I made this mistake on Christmas with Mr. D in my vulnerable state. For the record, Mr. D and I were to live happily ever after until the forces that be had other plans. It has been nearly 1 year since our initial departure and I can safely say that I will not be having dinner with him on Sunday. Break my heart once shame on you. Break my heart twice shame on me. For now I will keep the heart under lock and key, but as Auntie G says, "you never know when the right man will come along and unlock it - just don't forget the key at the automat honey or all sorts of trouble will come tramping in". I laughed, and also cried a little at the thought of not being in complete control of my destiny, but I trust her judgement after all she has seen it all.
Thursday 'Skirt' in my favorite casual dress from Anthropoligie.

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