If it's skirts she wants...

Good Afternoon Ladies! I hope all of you had as fabulous a New Year’s night as I did! Incriminating photos will NOT be published for you to enjoy, but I will say a fantastic evening was had by all. DEE- lightful Martinis were served! I finally broke out my coveted new (original tags from the Dayton's Oval Room still attached new) gorgeous vintage black party skirt - velvet, high-waisted, full skirt with black embellishments. I did not have the time to find the perfect vintage top, however the strapless number I found from Black & White looked delicious as did my 1950's beaded handbag and my ab fab oversized green ring (favorite piece of costume jewelry at the moment) I DO promise to post pics of the ensemb - pre party.
Somewhere in the wee hours, Auntie G called to make sure I was home safe in bed ( I was, and was definitely being kept safe ) Somehow in my vulnerable, over bubbly state, she made a deal with me to share all of the “retro wisdom” of her life for one teensy little price tag. I have to wear skirts for the next year. Dress the part, as it were. Trousers (as she still calls them) even Pedal Pushers, though technically fashion correct as mildly accepted under specific circumstances, were not a norm. She wants me in skirts, dresses, heels, stockings, and appropriate accessories for 365 days. I agreed, though I refuse to wear the girdle (and I am still bartering the footwear – after all, I may be in skirts everyday but a girl today has got to be able to wear boots!) Its retro styling I pleaded, not historical accuracy we’re sharing here.
So, who wants to join me? Its bitter cold here with wind chills in the single digits. Yet, here I am, dressed by 11am in said skirt - What have I gotten into for us all?

Happy New Year to everyone and let the games begin!

Forever Yours,
Gigi L’Amour

P.S. I spent all of New Year’s day laying in bed in my slip, socks and a stack of old movies. How is that for Day 1?? Shhhh don’t tell J

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