In love with hats...

Did a little shopping today at some of my favorite retro vintage clothing shops despite the unpleasantries of my head cold which kept me home in bed on a perfectly opportune Saturday evening. I even had to miss the Johnny Cash tribute at the Cabooze - ah the memories I could stir up between there and Whiskey Junction - but that will come later. I nursed my little ol' self with a cuppa hot tea, yummy organic honey (the only thing missing was a drop of bourbon), warm heating packs and a Sex And the City marathon. The weekend in has afforded me the time to upload and crop some photos for some visual candy - I'm not promising M&M's but maybe penny candy from the discount isle??

After scavenging Lula's, I splurged on a latte even thought rightfully I should still be drinking tea. Say what you will but I am a slave to Starbucks


Miss Gigi L'Amour

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