Letter To "The Pearly Girls"

December 31, 1949

At the risk of being a bit early, Happy New year everyone! And what a new year it shall be! I hope each of you had as delightful a holiday season as did I. All of the relatives descended upon us on the twenty-first, and I must say, I am still shocked we were able to accommodate everyone. My favorite, Auntie Gillian, usurped my rights to my bed, so I had to share with Peggy. Tales Gillian brought from life in New York make me anxious to graduate next Spring. She brought a copy of a funny little book she received the Christmas before she moved into Downtown New York in 1937. She suggested I keep it from Mom and Daddy, and I think I just may. There are a couple of chapters they would find completely appalling!

Your Friend,
Gloria Gillian
An excerpt from one of Auntie G.G's letters to "The Pearly Girls"

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