Ringing in the New Year

Well. At the risk of being a bit early, Happy New Year everyone! And what a new year it shall be! (Sorry for the plagiarism Auntie G.) As luck would have it, My Auntie G (Gillian, like the Aunt for whom she was named) came to spend the holidays with us this year. My mother (Auntie G’s-several-years-younger-and-never-as-hip sister) had apparently been calling Auntie G, bemoaning my penchant for things retro. Auntie G, being the coolest Auntie EVER, decided to give us a visit to make sure I wasn’t being led astray by Mom’s memories. (“’Don’t get me wrong, Little Gigi,” she whispered, “Peggy has really outdone herself in, what do they call it? That’s right, ‘Soccer Mom’ fashion, but she always was a bit of a square.”) My presents from Auntie G this year consisted of a gorgeous mink collar set with rhinestones and pearls, a mink headband, black kid gloves with red stitched trim, one of her old dress patterns (good god a size 18 back then was a 38” bust) and a copy of the “funny little book” she received from her Aunt Gillian in 1939; apparently it’s back in print and still relevant for us single girls at 25. The title of the book is Live Alone and Like It by Marjorie Hillis - Go buy it. Go buy it now.

Well ladies, I’d better wrap it up. Time to let down my hair and do my mani/pedi to compliment my gorgeous black velvet party skirt circa the 1950’s – (I drool at the mere thought) As it is I am sitting here typing in my mere unmentionables. Ooh la la! Tonight I’m heading out to a formal attire shindig complete with well poured cocktails and music. What more could a single girl ask for? Taxi’s for the ride home, just in case. Happy New Years!



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