Vintage Swimsuit Extravaganza...VivaVintageClothing.com

I am in heaven with this stunning vintage swimsuit circa Marilyn Monroe and beyond glamorous. In my never ending quest for classic clothing and vintage inspiration I came across VivaVintageClothing Featuring fabulous era clothing in fantastic condition. This suit is flawless and if you haven't picked up on it already, I am in LOVE!! Keep an eye out as we start to introduce The Dillinger Ink Swimwear Collection for a close replica. It may not be available until next summer but hopefully we can graze the masterful construction of the gorgeous vintage swimsuit. We will post studio photos after our upcoming shoot but until then here is a peek at my new favorite addition to my ever growing closet of bombshell inspiration.

Thank you VivaVintageClothing.com for an incredible swimsuit and stellar customer service!

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